The Club

The nurse flung open the curtain. She introduced herself (I don’t remember her name) and then quickly ducked her head back out into the hallway to hack up a lung. She reminded me a bit of The Albino from The Princess Bride. This exact, iconic moment:

If you haven’t seen this movie, shame on you. Watch it. Be enlightened. Thank me later.

Once she settled her respiratory business, she made her way over to the side of my hospital bed. I couldn’t help but notice her long, gray hair tangled around her shoulders was in much need of a deep conditioning. Focus, Libby. Continue reading


The Dish

It was a typical Saturday morning. I shuffled into the kitchen, popped in a Keurig cup and placed my favorite mug in position to receive one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. As the sweet, sweet caffeine slowly dripped into my mug, I rubbed my eyes and ran my hands through my hair attempting to tame the lion’s mane.

I scanned the kitchen to get my bearings. And there it was.  The point of unspoken contention for the last five days. The source of quiet frustration. The test I put in place for my husband. The test I didn’t tell him about, the test he failed, and what I am now simply calling The Dish. Continue reading

Double Toddler Trouble

Sesame Street Live

Dear parents of three-year-olds everywhere, this one is for you.  For you snot-wiping, cartoon-watching, potty-training, question-answering, Play-Doh-molding heroes. I am in awe of you. In awe of your patience. Of your multi-tasking abilities. And of your unassuming Hulk-like arm strength.