The Battle for Pumpkin Puree

I went to the battlefield tonight. All for the sake of Thanksgiving pies.

Hoards of impatient procrastinators filled the aisles, frustrated with their self-inflicted misery. Was it safer to grab a basket and have the ability to bob and weave through the masses or arm yourself with a cart to leverage as a shield against incoming traffic?

We opted for the cart. Our strategy: Divide and conquer. Don’t stop moving. If you forget something, leave it. The crew waits for no man. Continue reading

Birthday boy and Bristol biscuits

Since he didn’t want to eat PB&J or a delicious Totino’s pizza for his birthday dinner, I gave him four restaurant options. All restaurants he had never been to before. All restaurants I knew he would enjoy. He spent about an hour and a half pursuing the menus online. Weighing the pros and cons. After much deliberation, he decided on Bristol. Continue reading

Here we go

I’ve blogged off and on for the past few years. Never consistently, although I wish I had. But looking back, nothing in my life then was very consistent – living in London, living in Columbia, living in Kansas City, full-time student and part-time intern, then full-time employee. Not an excuse, more of an insight for understanding.

But that’s all changed. Three months ago I got something very consistent. A husband.  And in the past three months, Patrick and I have started adjusting to life together in our two bedroom, 775-square-foot house a few blocks west of the Plaza. Complete with some pretty interesting neighbors, a tiny one-sink bathroom, and a double oven. Our 60-pound English bulldog, Quinton, has made himself quite at home, too. For the sake of glass half-full, I’ll call it cozy.

It’s very much a time of learning. He’s learning about sorting laundry and my horrible allergy to all things yard work-related. I’m learning about how many Clint Eastwood Western movies exist and how many hair products and brushes are really necessary.

However, we’ve found one thing we can agree on:

He cooks. I clean.

This is the story our adventures. Our meals. Our life. Bon appetit!