Sweet Rolls of Cinnamon

I received a cryptic message at work yesterday afternoon.

P: Would you mind going to the store after work and picking up a few things??

Say what? Grocery shopping is one of my top ten least favorite things to do. P actually prefers that I don’t join him when he goes to the store. Apparently I get bored and antsy and frustrated that my phone doesn’t get service. While I’d like to say that is a gross over exaggeration, he’s right. I just don’t like it. Don’t make me! Cue toddler tantrum.

Me: Sure.

I should probably mention that I responded so willingly in hopes of making up for my epic failure that was yesterday morning. I unknowingly took P’s keys with me to work when I went into the office early, forcing him to walk to work in the 15-degree chill. As he says, it’s a good thing I’m cute.

P: Great, we need milk, shortening, yeast, butter, and eggs.

Me: Just because or are you making something in particular?

P: Cinnamon rolls!

My sweet tooth rejoiced. Its rare P wants to whip up something on the sweeter end of the spectrum. He is much more of a salty or spicy kind of guy. I’m sure this difference in opinion will cost us thousands of dollars in counseling someday.

As fate would have it, I left my grocery list at work and arrived at the store empty handed. And to make it worse, P’s phone kept going to voicemail. This only became a problem when I found myself standing in front of the yeast packets. Why are there 47 different types and brands of yeast? What is the difference between Active and Instant? Do I need the little packets or the big box? So, much to my budget-conscious-husband’s dismay, I purchased three packets of Active Yeast and three packets of Instant Yeast. I figured that would cover any needs. Turns out he just needed two packets of the Active Yeast. So, if you need any Instant Yeast, we have a surplus.

During the making of these oh-so-delicious cinnamon rolls, I had two important responsibilities.

1. Ingredient gatherer. Patrick identifies an ingredient, I locate it, hand it to him, he uses it, hands it back, and I return it to its rightful place. It isn’t that exciting, but someone has to do it, and when your abilities are limited like mine you tend to consistently draw the short straw.

We both have not-so-secret motivations regarding my fulfillment of this role. Patrick is hoping that through this exercise I will learn where everything is in the kitchen. Since he is the one that organized that particular room of the house, I’m a little lost when trying to find anything besides the chocolate chips. My motivation for fulfilling this roll is an attempt to limit my clean up duties. P has use-every-pot-dish-utensil-ingredient-in-the-kitchen syndrome, which makes clean up all the more fun.

2. Butter melter. I have mad butter melting skills. During our first joint cooking experience, P asked me to melt the butter. And he was serious. And that is all I was allowed to do. Three years later, he still asks me to do the honors when a recipe asks for it and last night was no exception.  My task: Melt one cup of butter. With my vast butter melting experience, I know that it melts much faster and more evenly if you cut up the stick of butter before melting.  Please see below for the before and after.

Butter Before

Butter Melted

What’s that chip in the bowl, you ask?  Well, my butter melting cockiness got the better of me and as I cut the butter in my hand above the bowl (yes, I’m aware this wasn’t a good idea), I put too much force behind the knife, missed the butter (and thankfully my hand), and smashed the knife into the bowl.  How is all of that physically possible? Good question. I’m not sure why P keeps letting me in the kitchen. Thankfully,  no humans or bulldogs were harmed in the melting of this butter.

The bowl stood alone as the only casualty and after hours of tantalizing scents wafting about our house, the timer finally signaled the rolls were ready. P had filled four baking dishes full of gooey cinnamon rolls coating each with a coffee and maple icing. As any good chef and assistant would do, P and I forced ourselves to test several of the rolls to ensure all the different batches met expectations.  After eating six, we deemed them edible for others.

image (30)

If you would like to make your own batch of these mouthwatering cinnamon rolls, the recipe comes from our favorite, Pioneer Woman.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Rolls of Cinnamon

  1. Those rolls look dee-lish!! Will have to give the recipe a try! Thanks Libby, for the delightful and entertaining story of “Sweet Rolls of Cinnamon”! You know, you could use that phrase when making an exclamation about something…………..might give it a try sometime!!

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