Quinton the Bulldog

This handsome stud is the second love of my life. His name is Quinton W. Moss. He is a champion-sired English Bulldog and is 60-pounds of love. We say he is our “first-born.”

He likes walks in the park, cream cheese and cuddles on the couch. His favorite show is Dogs 101 on Animal Planet, which he intently watches on Sunday mornings, and he goes nuts when he hears any commercial with a guitar or harmonica.

He guards the house from his green armchair that sits below the front window and has recently found his very loud voice. While he puts on a tough front, I’m fairly certain he would just slobber all over any actual intruder. When you walk in the door, he quickly finds his closest toy and brings it to you as a greeting, shaking his head hoping you will play with him.

To give you some reference, he reminds me of Lenny Small from Of Mice and Men. A large and powerful body with a sweet heart and absolutely no understanding of his own strength.

Quinton provides us with daily entertainment, unconditional love and is teaching us, what I believe to be, valuable life lessons about ourselves, “parenting,” and how to clean drool off of almost everything.


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