Thanksgiving Day, Part 1: I bake

I believe that holidays, such as Thanksgiving, are days to rest and recharge. I had grand plans of sleeping in and then drinking my coffee on the couch with Quinton and P while we watched the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade. This was all before I volunteered to make two pies for our Thanksgiving meal at my mom’s house. Continue reading

The Battle for Pumpkin Puree

I went to the battlefield tonight. All for the sake of Thanksgiving pies.

Hoards of impatient procrastinators filled the aisles, frustrated with their self-inflicted misery. Was it safer to grab a basket and have the ability to bob and weave through the masses or arm yourself with a cart to leverage as a shield against incoming traffic?

We opted for the cart. Our strategy: Divide and conquer. Don’t stop moving. If you forget something, leave it. The crew waits for no man. Continue reading